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Following is a brief breakdown of the responsibilities and duties of an HPAC Certified Instructor. Although your instructors status is primarily for the purpose of instruction, you may be called upon from time to time to act on behalf of the HPAC in other areas besides instruction. Listed below are the areas of responsibility that you may undertake as an HPAC Certified Instructor and the action that is required to implement them. If you have any doubt or concerns about other areas that you may be responsible for as an HPAC Certified Instructor, please contact the HPAC Council of Senior Instuctors (CSI) at csi@hpac.ca

• Annual report
  • Fill out an annual report form (HPAC I-07) and submit it to the HPAC Office at the end of each calendar year.
• Accident reports
  • If any student under your instruction has an accident a safety report must be submitted to the HPAC Safety Director at safety@hpac.ca
    (This is also a legal requirement of Transport Canada)
• First Aid
  • A valid First Aid certificate must remain in effect throughout the instructor's certification period for their certification to remain valid.
• Re-Certification
  • Instructors must attend an Instructors certification course at least once every three years to remain certified.
  • Senior Instructors and Tandem II instructors must hold a certification course once every three years to remain certified.
• Rating Examinations
  • Observe the flight test;
  • Administer the written exam;
  • Send the rating application, rating registration fee and any other documentation to the HPAC Office.
• Non-Resident Insurance
  • This is for Non Canadian Residents Only.
  • Fill in the temporary membership form (HPAC N-08). Make sure the expiry date is entered and that it is signed by the applicant.
  • Give the top half of the form to the applicant and return the lower half, along with the $40 fee to the HPAC Office as soon as possible.
• HPAC Membership
  • An effort should be made to inform students about the HPAC and its aims and goals. They should be made aware of the various benefits and services that are available to them like the pilot rating system and 3rd party insurance coverage.

Remember, as an HPAC certified instructor you will probably be the first contact a newcomer to the sport will have. First impressions count. Maintain a professional and mature attitude in your dealings with your students and the public, be helpful and courteous, and lastly, have fun!

HPAC Rev. 1 2013-04